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Alliance Member Events

Alliance Member Events

A wide array of events, exhibitions and activities are being planned to help commemorate the centennial of the 1906 earthquake and fire. The information below describes the plans of individual Alliance members.

Dedications, Ceremonies & Memorials

1906 Earthquake Centennial : Be a Survivor

American Red Cross - Sonoma County, City of Santa Rosa, So. County Library, So. County Museum, other

A commemorative event honoring those who died in Santa Rosa during the 1906 Earthquake.

Presentation of Certificate of Honor from Mayor Gavin Newsom to Mayor Tom Bates by Historian Richard Schwartz

City of Berkeley

The public presentation of a certicate of honor from San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom to Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates by author and historian Richard Schwartz gives a venue to East Bay residents and anyone else wanting to participate in a commemoration of the events of the Great 1906 Earthquake.

Coldwell Banker 100th Anniversary

Coldwell Banker, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

This is Coldwell Banker's 100th anniversary as well. I'm trying to find people who were descendants of quake victims in the Greater D.C. Area. (240) 277-3803

1906 Earthquake Epicenter Plaque

E Clampus Vitus, San Jose Historical Museum

E Clampus Vitus is donating a brass plaque that commemorates the 1906 Earthquake epicenter for display at the San Jose Historical Museum.

100th Anniversary of the Great Quake & Fire (radio)

KQED Forum

Using original audio from 100 years ago; 1) use audio recreation of the sounds of San Francisco during and after the earthquake, and 2) original sound of 100 years ago to supplement interview.

Notre Dame - SF, 100th Anniversary of the 1906 Earthquake

Notre Dame, SF

1906 Earthquake Remembrance: A Prayer in Memory and in Gratitude, followed by a Reception and time to visit.

Plaque Commemoration for Heber C. Tilden, killed April 22, 1906 by Citizens' Patrol

A plaque commemoration by Phoenix Lodge No. 144, F. & A.M. of California, for Heber C. Tilden who was shot and killed by a Citizens' Patrol on 22nd & Guerrero Streets on April 22, 1906 while in the service of the American Red Cross.

1906 Earthquake Centennial Commemoration Mass

St Emydius Church, named after the Patron Saint against earthquakes, commemorate the 1906 Earthquake Centennial with a mass to pray for the dead, the re-builders and to ask for the protection of San Francisco from future earthquakes.

Wreath Laying Ceremony

San Francisco Fire Department, Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery

SFFD Chief Joanne Hayes-White will lay a wreath at the gravesite of the late SFFD Chief Dennis Sullivan who died in the Earthquake and Fire of 1906.

1906 Earthquake & Fire Commemoration at the Gold Hydrant "100 Years After"

San Francisco Fire Department, SFFD Historical Society

Join us for the annual painting of "The Little Giant", the hydrant that saved the Mission District from the advancing 1906 Fire.

Interfaith Prayer Service

San Francisco Interfaith Council

An Interfaith Prayer Service to Remember those who died; honor those who rebuilt the City and Dedicate ourselves to be prepared.

1906 Dismantled: A Projection Re-Enacting The Great Fire onto Coit Tower

San Francisco Parks and Recreation, Mark Resources San Francisco and MIT

Two projectors will project onto the South and West portions of Coit Tower a movie depicting the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906. The movie will highlight the heroism of the San Francisco Fire Department in stopping the spread of the fire that destroyed much of San Francisco.

Historical Landmark for 1906 San Andreas Fault Rupture

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Consortium of Universities for Research Earthquake Eng. (CUREE)

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is applying to the State of California Office of Historic Preservation for California Landmark status for a historical monument (bronze plaque on a large boulder) on SF Water Dept. land overlooking the San Andreas Valley where the fault ruptured in 1906. CUREE is handling the administrative/financial aspects of the project.

Santa Rosa Earthquake Centennial

Santa Rosa Rural Cemetry Preservation Committee, City of Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa hosts a series of events commemorating the destruction of Santa Rosa during the 1906 Earthquake, honoring the dead, and raising public awareness about earthquake preparedness.

History of the 1906 Quake at Stanford

Stanford University

The "History of the 1906 Quake at Stanford" includes several events, such as public lectures, a 1906 Earthquake walking tour of the campus, and an earthquake exhibit.

1906 Earthquake & Fire Commemoration at Lotta's Fountain

Taren Sarpienza, organizer - SF Lotta's Fountain, 1906 Earthquake & Fire Commemoration, San Francisco Rising, San Francisco Stories

You are invited to join us in remembering those who lost their lives in the 1906 earthquake and the ensuing firestorm at a ceremony to be held at Lotta's Fountain in the heart of San Francisco's financial district.

Exhibits & Shows

Albany Area Exhibit on Effects of 1906 Earthquake

Albany Fire Department, City of Albany

Historian Richard Schwartz has provided an exhibit of historic photographs and text about the Solono Avenue area neighborhoods - Albany, Northbrae, and Thousand Oaks - and how the 1906 Earthquake effected it.

1906: The Great Quake: The History of a Disaster

Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley

This exhibition, commemorating the centennial of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, features manuscripts, photographs, prints, books, and ephemera from The Bancroft Collection, providing a historical overview of the disaster.

The Great Quake: The Legacy of the Disaster

Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley, Other UC Berkeley campus units

This exhibit is part of the campus's ongoing recognition of the San Francisco earthquake centennial. It explores UC Berkeley's participation in advancing society's understanding of the seismological, engineering, social, and political implications of seismic events, and it highlights on-going efforts to prepare the campus to withstand another big quake.

April 18, 1906, A Fateful Day in Benicia

Benicia Historical Museum, Benicia Historical Soceity, Benicia Fire Museum

Using information from Benicia's three heritage organizations, our exhibit at 'Camel Barns' Museum shows visitors how Benicia was impacted by the 1906 earthquake. Unpublished historic photographs, a 1880s firefighers hose cart, postcards, and other historical objects from this time period will be displayed.

Exhibit of Edith Irvine's 1906 Earthquake Photography

Calaveras County Historical Society, Calaveras Arts Council

Edith Irvine, a former resident of Calaveras County, now deceased, took photographs of the 1906 Earthquake when she was only 22 years old. Our exhibit features her works, plus other historic photos of her hometown of Mokelumne Hill and the building of a local powerhouse on a major Sierra river.

Don't Be Fooled, Be Prepared

California Academy of Sciences, Red Cross, USGS, SFFD, OES

Day long activities for families

State of Emergency: Disaster Response in California Traveling Exhibition

California Exhibition Resources Alliance

In addition to photographs, the "State of Emergency" exhibit looks at California's system of readiness through maps and timelines of disaster history. It offers a historical overview of the last century of California disasters and the development of the state's Office of Emergency Services (OES).

Jack London and the Great Earthquake and Firestorms of 1906

California Historical Society

An exhibition of photographs of San Francisco and Northern California by Jack London in the days and weeks immediately after the earthquake, accompanied by his writings and descriptions published in 1906.

The 1906 Earthquake in the Santa Clara Valley: Recall and Prepare

California History Center, De Anza College

This exhibit highlights the impact of the 1906 earthquake in the Santa Clara Valley, and asks visitors to prepare for the next major earthquake.

Rumors Of Great Disaster Exhibition

California State Capitol Museum

Rumors of Great Disaster: The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake is an all-new exhibition opening at the California State Capitol Museum on April 22, 2006

1906-2006 Earthquake (photo exhibit)

California Views Photo Archives

California Views commemorates the 100th anniversary of the April 18, 1906 Earthquake with a free exhibit of historical photographs chronicling the damage suffered by San Francisco and on the Central Coast.

Earthquake: The Chinatown Story

Chinese Historical Society of America

An exhibit using anecdotes collected from survivors and their descendants, newspaper accounts, photographs and other artifacts to explore the impact of the 1906 Quake & Fire on the Chinese American community.

Kite Aerial Photography: 1906 Centennial/George Lawrence Traveling Exhibit

Drachen Foundation

The Drachen Foundation will build a traveling exhibit featuring George Lawrence's Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) of San Francisco 1906 Earthquake and the contemporary KAP photographs of Scott Haefner's George Lawrence interpretations.

Magnitude X: Quake Science and Survival


In the centennial month of San Francisco's legendary 1906 earthquake, the Exploratorium shakes up the Bay Area with an interactive, informative, sometimes sobering, and always engaging month-long series of exhibits and programs.

Images & Art of the Great Quake


Filoli will be presenting an exhibition of images, art and memorabilia of the "great quake." Take a walk through time, see images and read accounts of this historical happening.

After the Ruins, 1906 and 2006: Rephotographing the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Mark Klett

The exhibition features over 50 of Arizona-based photographer Mark Klett's paired photographs depicting San Francisco in 1906 and now, each showing that the two spaces and times are related.

Andy Goldsworthy's "Faultline"

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

British artist Andy Goldsworthy created a site specific artwork in the entry court at the new de Young Museum entitled "Faultline".

1906 Earthquake and the Army Exhibit

Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Fort Point and Presidio Historical Association

These exhibit panels tell story of the US Army's role following the 1906 earthquake and fires, including maintaining order, fighting fires, providing food, shelter and sanitation and much more.

Vision, Disaster and Gift: The Centenary of the Founding of Grace Cathedral (exhibit)

Grace Cathedral

An exhibit highlighting the destruction of Grace Church, the gift of the Crocker property, and early plans for Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill.

It's Our Fault, Too: The 1906 Earthquake in San Jose and Santa Clara Valley

History San Jose

An examination of the underlying geology and impact of the '06 Quake on San Jose and its environs.

Take the Shake and Quake Challenge

History San Jose

History San Jose's Family Day activity.

Auction 19: The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

Johns' Western Gallery

Exhibit and live auction of scarce earthquake memorabilia, contemporary newspapers,letters, etc.

Focus On Workers Who Rebuilt San Francisco


This year is  also the 100th anniversary of the San Francisco 1906 earthquake and LaborFest will be commemorating the workers who rebuilt San Francisco with an exciting new exhibition of original photographic images of workers  reconstructing San Francisco.

April 18, 1906, San Francisco: A Look Back & The 1906 Earthquake Survivors Portfolio

Lurie Management, LLC, A Subsidiary of The Lurie Company

A look back at the destruction and aftermath as captured by Charles E. Fennell, 1857-1925. Portraits of 16 survivors with text by Tina Panziera.

Eyewitness, April 18, 1906: San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

National Archives Pacific Region-San Francisco

A mobile facsmilies exhibit featuring selected National Archives photographs and documents about the 1906 Earthquake and Fire.

Aftershock! Personal Stories from the 1906 Earthquake and Fire

Oakland Museum of California

Commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and fire, Aftershock! - Personal Stories from the 1906 Earthquake and Fire highlights the first significant collision between a California urban center and seismic activity and its devastation on San Francisco, surrounding areas and individuals.

Family Explorations! Shake It, Don't Break It: A Family Earthquake Program.

Oakland Museum of California

This Family Earthquake Program helps families learn more about earthquakes and how to prepare for them.

Mayor Mott's Oakland

Oakland Public Library

A century ago, the people of Oakland elected Frank K. Mott as mayor to guide the city into a new century. The exhibit looks back over Mott's times and their lasting impact on Oakland and the entire region.

Unstable Ground

Contemporary California artists respond to historical and conceptual themes surrounding the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, and address related concerns regarding instability in our current physical environment.

San Francisco: My City. My Home.

An art event showcasing local emerging cityscape artists.

The Earthquake Through the Eyes of Artists

Photographs and watercolors by local artists and photographers on display and for possible sale.

Collateral Damage: The S.F. Earthquake in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History (PGMNH) will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake with a free exhibit of historical photographs chronicling the damage suffered on the Central Coast.

William A. Coulter, A Master's Brush with the Sea

Paul & Linda Kahn Foundation, SF Maritime Natl Historical Park, California Historical Society, SF Museum & Historical Society, Society of California Pioneers

The first-ever retrospective exhibition of the Bay Area's premier maritime artist. The exhibition will include one of Coulter's most noted works showing the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake and the evacuation of the city by the bay, painted on a 5' x 10' window shade pulled from the smouldering ruins of the city.

Saint Francis Memorial Hospital Exhibit

Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital

A historical exhibit of photographs and memorabilia from the past 100 years collected from Saint Francis Memorial Hospital and the city of San Francisco.

San Francisco 1906 Earthquake Marriage Project Exhibit

San Francisco Genealogy, San Francisco Assessor-Recorder

An exhibit at the San Francisco Assessor-Recorder's Office in City Hall focusing on the unique phenomenon of romance that occurred immediately after the disaster and as a result.

1906 Earthquake: A Disaster in Pictures

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

An exhibition of vintage photographs, amateur and professional, made in the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake and fire.

School Days - After the Quake

San Francisco Parks and Recreation

An interactive exhibit exploring what life was like for schoolchildren after San Francisco's 1906 earthquake, on display April 15 through October 21, 2006, at the Randall Museum in San Francisco.

Snapshot Chronicles: Inventing the American Photo Album -- Featuring Personal Albums Documenting the 1906 Earthquake and Fire

San Francisco Public Library

Snapshot Chronicles celebrates the under-recognized visual creativity, storytelling, and social history of early snapshot photograph albums from 1889-1935. The centerpiece of the exhibition features 1906 photo albums made by San Francisco residents and tourists to the City who witnessed and took photos of the earthquake devastation and fire and chronicled their experiences in their personal photo albums.

Remembering the Big One, Preparing for the Next One

San Francisco Public Library

This exhibit featuring resources in the Government Information Center relating to past and future San Francisco Bay Area earthquakes, including earthquake preparedness plans, historical photographs, seismic maps, and investigative reports from city, state, and federal governments.

How to Survive an Earthquake: A Humorous Look at San Francisco, 1906

San Francisco Public Library

This exhibition examines how San Franciscans turned their disaster into gold. With wit & humor as their tools, they rebuilt San Francisco as "The City that Knows How." Drawn from the collections of the Library's San Francisco History Center and the Schmulowitz Collection of Wit & Humor, Book Arts & Special Collections Center.

Marking the 1906 Earthquake: San Francisco Off Balance: Ballet Mori and More

San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco Ballet

The Bernard Osher Art, Music & Recreation Center and the Business, Science and Technology Center present a floor-wide exhibit of books, documents and photos highlighting earthquake related resources of the Main Library's 4th Floor. A highlight of this event is our collaboration with the San Francisco Ballet honoring their April 4th production of "Ballet Mori."

The San Francisco Water System: Destruction and Renewal

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission presents an exhibition of historic photos portraying the effects of the 1906 Earthquake and fire, the devastation of the water system, the ready response of city workers to restore ruptured pipelines, and the genesis of 167-mile Hetch Hetchy Water System.

Force of Nature, Signature

San Francisco State University, Sonoma County Museum

Force of Nature is a Centennial exhibition commemorating the largest natural disaster to ever happen in Sonoma County.

"An Awful Calamity!" The South Bay and the 1906 Earthquake

San Jose Public Library, The Sourisseau Academy

This exhibit documents the effects of the 1906 earthquake on San Jose and other cities in Santa Clara County.

Shake, Bake, & Spin! San Francisco and the Media in the Aftermath of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire

Society of California Pioneers

This Society of California Pioneers exhibition traces how the events of April 18, 1906, were repackaged and remarketed to accommodate political and business interests.

Force of Nature

Sonoma County Museum

This exhibition features the human stories of the 1906 earthquake and its impact on downtown Santa Rosa, along with the art and science that reveals nature's fury.

1906 Earthquake Centennial Exhibition from the Stanford Archives

Stanford University

An exhibition to explore the physical, psychological, and financial impacts of the 1906 quake on the Stanford community as well as documentation of research undertaken by faculty and students on the geological effects of the earthquake and progress in earthquake engineering.

Photography Exhibitions (1906 earthquake sites)

Stephen Wirtz Gallery

Stephen Wirtz Gallery presents two concurrent exhibitions of vintage and contemporary photography of 1906 earthquake sites.

Great Quake of 1906 Centennial Exhibit

Union Bank of California

Union Bank of California celebrates its San Francisco heritage with an historic photo exhibit in its imposing main banking hall at 400 California Street in San Francisco, California. The granite Greco-Roman structure at Sansome and California was the first downtown building reconstructed after the 1906 earthquake. The public is invited to tour the exhibit.

Quakes and Shakes Public and School Programs

University of California, Berkeley, Lawrence Hall of Science

The Lawrence Hall of Science presents "Quakes and Shakes", an interactive, entertaining program about earthquakes, for museum visitors and school groups in April 2006.

San Francisco Is In Ashes: The Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906

Wells Fargo History Museum

Museum exhibit tells the story of the earthquake and fire of 1906. Photos, documents and artifacts from the Wells Fargo Bank Archives highlight the experience of residents and businesses during and after the disaster of April 18, 1906.

WESTPEX '06 Stamp Show


Annual postage stamp and postal history exhibition with earthquake centennial theme and two special San Francisco '06 earthquake postcard displays.

Live Performances

They Survived the '06 Quake

Ahrens-Fox Restoration Society, Multi-Ethnic Theater

The events that took places before, during and after the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906, told through reenactments of first-person accounts from the people who were there.

The Cal Performances Centennial Celebration & Gala

Cal Performances, UC Berkeley

Hundreds of artists from the worlds of dance, music and theater will appear on Zellerbach Hall stage to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Cal Performances, Friday, May 12, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. The Centennial Celebration & Gala will be co-chaired by Ann Getty and Ambassador Kathryn Hall, with cuisine and decor created by Chez Panisse founder Alice Waters and Stanlee Gatti, and features the Mark Morris Dance Group, composer John Adams, Michael Tilson Thomas, Lisa Vroman, and the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, led by Robert Cole.

Drums of Earth: Earth-Shake in Spring

Cave Music

David Auerbach, "The Improvisator", performer of ancient instruments in awesome acoustics of caves and sacred spaces, will commemorate the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake centennial with a concert of ancient drums entitled "Drums of Earth: Earth-Shake in Spring" at an historic quake survivor landmark, the 1889 First Unitarian Universalist Church, 1187 Franklin St. (corner of Geary) in San Francisco on Saturday, April 15, 2006 at 8:00 pm. Tickets for the concert are $30 general admission and $20 for seniors and students over 10 and information is available at http://www.cavemusic.net or by phoning (707) 224-4222.

Chanticleer: Earthquake Mass


Chanticleer, the internationally-acclaimed, 12-man vocal ensemble, will mark the centenary of San Francisco's "Great Quake" of 1906 with performances of Antoine Brumel's Earthquake Mass (Missa Et ecce terrae motus).

Chinatown is Burning!

Chinese Historical Society of America

Storyteller Charlie Chin brings real historical figure Hugh Liang to life in "Chinatown is Burning!" Chautauqua presentation. Liang, an earthquake survivor, "shares" his experiences of the disaster and the rebuilding of Chinatown.

Milly Lee Reads from "Earthquake!"

Chinese Historical Society of America

Children's book author Milly Lee reads from "Earthquake!", telling of her mother's experience during the 1906 Quake.

Symphony No. 1, "The Earthquake"

Contra Costa Wind Symphony

Enjoy the world premier of a 40-minute symphony by Steven Reineke, Cincinnati Pops composer and arranger, commemorating the events of the 1906 earthquake. Mr. Reineke will conduct the premiere of this historical piece.

Earthquake! A World Premiere by Diablo Ballet

Diablo Ballet, Computers and Structures, Inc.

A world premiere ballet commemorating the anniversary of the 1906 Earthquake, commissioned by Computers and Structures, Inc. (industry leaders in the development of structural and earthquake engineering software).

Shake-N-Bake: Comedian-Led Walking Tour

FOOT! Walking Tours

A comedian-led walking tour / game show about the Great Quake.

Science at the Library: "Three Earthquake Dolls"

Math Science Nucleus, Alameda County Library

April, 1906 saw the worst earthquake disaster in the United States when it demolished San Francisco and surrounding areas. Learn about the faults in the Fremont area and about the experiences of three children in the "Three Earthquake Dolls."

Shocking Stories! The 1906 Earthquake and Fire and the Multicultural Experience

Oakland Museum of California

An afternoon filled with "living history" performances featuring voices from the 1906 earthquake and fire. In conjunction with the special exhibition "Aftershock! Voices from the 1906 Earthquake and Fire."

First Fridays After Five: Shaken, Not Stirred.

Oakland Museum of California

Enjoy an earthquake-themed evening social event with music and comedy.

Bodies In the Rubble

We are protesting the failure of our building's owner to comply with San Francisco's Seismic Retrofit Ordinance.


Other, Supervisor Fiona Ma, A.P. Gianinni principal Leslie Trook

"06" is an original play based on the stories of children who survived the 1906 Earthquake.

Entertainment at Lotta's Fountian

I will provide singers and musicians at Lotta's Fountain at 5:30 am to commenmorate the earthquake. Need to connect with the responsible parties, preparing festivities.

Lotta's Opera by Epiphany Productions

San Francisco Arts Commission

The San Francisco Arts Commission's Art on Market Street Program and Epiphany Productions present Lotta's Opera, a one block, thirty-minute journey through turn of the century San Francisco, starting in 1875 at Lotta's Fountain and ending in 1910 at One Post Plaza. On that journey, the stories that lay hidden in overlooked landmarks, behind unread commemorative plaques and under remodeled facades will be revealed through dance, theatre and song.

WritersCorps Presents SOLID GROUND Book (poetry readings)

San Francisco Office of the Mayor, WritersCorps, Aunt Lute Books

Readings from the new poetry book SOLID GROUND, containing writings from youth poets based on the quake-related themes of Bedrock, Faultline, Stress, Upheaval, Shock and After. This is a project of the San Francisco Arts Commission program WritersCorps.

Outdoor Activities

Santa Rosa Earthquake Safety Fair

American Red Cross - Sonoma County, City of Santa Rosa, So. County Library, So. County Museum, other

A public education earthquake safety fair featuring rescue and preparedness presentations, information, and a variety of activities for the community.

Precita Park Earthquake Centennial Celebration and Family Picnic

Bernal Heights Preservation

Gather in Bernal Heights' Precita Park to see models of two earthquake shacks, original timber and artifacts from the 1906 era, and a wide selection of archival photographs. Members of BHP will be dressed in 1906 costume.

Community Emergency Prepardness Fair & Barbecue

Brigham Young University, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Community Emergency Prepardness Fair & Barbecue, including displays and resources to help prepare for emergencies.

1906 Concert & Sing-Along: A Caruso Memory

California Historical Society, DP&A, Inc; KALW, SFPALM; SF Opera; YBG

Free outdoor concert in Yerba Buena Gardens to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the performance here by legendary tenor Enrico Caruso on "Earthquake Eve" in 1906.

The Vampire Tour of San Francisco

Commonwealth Club of California, SF Chamber of Commerce, Nob Hill Association

This walking tour of Nob Hill contains 85% true history with fun vampire lore/humor mixed in. It's a unique way to learn about the history of San Francisco, and includes a discussion of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire at 5 of the 6 tour stops.

Kite Aerial Photography Panorama: 1906 Centennial

Drachen Foundation

The Drachen Foundation will make contemporary panormaic photos of George Lawrence's Kite Aerial Photographs of San Francisco after the 1906 Earthquake.

Filoli Earthquake Hikes - "It's All Our Fault"


Join us for a one hour hike of Filoli trails, you'll see the visible geolgical features that reveal we are in the earhtquake fault zone.

Survivors: Life in an '06 Quake Camp

Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Presidio Trust, San Francisco State University

An outdoor recreation of a 1906 earthquake refugee relief camp. Experience what life was like for those left homeless by the 1906 earthquake and fires.

1906 Earthquake-Related Walks in Golden Gate Nat'l Recreation Area

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Free commemorative walks will be held throughout Golden Gate National Recreation Area during April 2006. Locations include Muir Woods, Marin Headlands, Fort Funston and the Presidio.

Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon Open House

Math Science Nucleus, Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservtion District

The annual open house includes tours of and lectures about Tule Pond at Tyson Lagoon. Take a walk on the Fault Trail and see how a sag pond can be an important wetland for urban wildlife.

Commemorative Earthquake Walks

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Earthquake walks offered by the District at Los Trancos Open Space Preserve during 2006 (once or more per month) commemorate the 100 anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.

A Walk Along the Old Bay Margin in Downtown San Francisco

N. California Geological Society

Join us for a walk along the old bay margin in downtown San Francisco, tracing the events of the 1906 earthquake & fire.

Pt. Lobos to Pt. Reyes: Evidence of ~ 180 km Offset of the San Gregorio & northern San Andreas Fault

N. California Geological Society

A two-day field trip examining granitic rocks, conglomerate, and trace fossils at Point Lobos State Park, near Monterey. Then, drive ~180 km along the San Gregorio and northern San Andreas faults to Olema, north of San Francisco.

Tracing the Hayward Fault - A Potential Disaster Area

N. California Geological Society

The Hayward fault is a major branch of the San Andreas Fault system in northern California. This field trip will center on two segments of the Hayward Fault where surface features can still be observed (Tule Ponds in Fremont and downtown Hayward).

Walk - Suvivors of the Earthquake and Fire on Russian Hill

Russian Hill Neighbors

Walk lead by William Kostura, author of "Russian Hill: The Summit 1853-1906", past a number of houses on Russian Hill that survived the 1906 earthquake and fire.

1906 Earthquake & Fire Walks

San Francisco City Guides

Throughout 2006, San Francisco City Guides offers three different Earthquake & Fire Walks to commemorate the 1906 earthquake and fire centennial. The walks retell personal stories of heroism and corruption, explore the effects and aftermath of the disaster, and visit locations and structures of historic significance.

1906 Great Earthquake & Fire Expo

San Francisco Fire Department, SFFD Historical Society

This free public exposition will be the largest event of its kind commemorating the 100th anniversary of San Francisco's Great Earthquake and Fire.

Hyde Street 1906: Escaping The Flames

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

The public can "relive" the City's maritime evacuation. Watch sailors running a bridge of boats away from the fire, soldiers restoring order from the chaos, and distraught citizens desperate to escape!

Earthquake Walks on the Barbary Coast Trail

San Francisco Museum and Historical Society

Walking tours of the Barbary Coast Trail focusing exclusively on sites effected by the 1906 earthquake and fire

1906 Earthquake History Walking Tour at Stanford

Stanford University

This free, self-guided tour is one of many activities set to commemorate the historic 1906 earthquake centennial at Stanford in April 2006.

Service Project: 72-hour Kits for Community

The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, American Red Cross, Local First Responders

We are providing over 1,000 72-hour kits for a suggested donation of $10 each, First come, first serve, while supplies last. Everyone is invited. Emergency preparedness training and materials available.

The Hayward Fault Exposed! An Interpretive Viewing and Educational Exhibit

U. S. Geological Survey, City of Fremont, Risk Management Solutions, Swiss Reinsurance

Come visit this exciting and educational Exhibit in Fremont's Central Park. This exhibit lets you get face-to-face with the Hayward fault, a fault that has produced a M6.9 earthquake in 1868 and will again!

Walking Tour of UC Berkeley Campus Retrofit Projects

University of California, Berkeley

Walking tour highlighting the campus retrofit projects by the Capital Projects and the Department of Architecture

Earthquake Refugee Shacks

Western Neighborhoods Project

Western Neighborhood Projects displays a rehabilitated 1906 earthquake refugee shack that housed San Francisco residents made homeless after the 1906 earthquake and fires. Interpretive displays and exhibits by the San Francisco Building Department will accompany it.

Public Lectures, Open Houses & Tours

San Francisco Earthquake Centennial Open House

Albany Fire Department

The City of Albany and the Albany Fire Department host an open house with speakers and displays, commemorating the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.

Ask a Scientist - Celebrating Our Faults: 1906 - 2006

Ask a Scientist

Ask a Scientist is a new and different kind of lecture series. If you love watching Nova and reading Scientific American at the doctor's office, then this event is for you. Enjoy food, drinks, socializing, and conversation about the universe's most fascinating mysteries!

1906 Centennial Author Series

Barnes & Noble Booksellers

Local authors discuss and autograph copies of their books about the 1906 earthquake.

Earthquake Exodus, 1906: Berkeley Responds to the San Francisco Refugees

Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association

Earthquake Day lecture & book signing to commemorate the 10-week Berkeley relief effort that rescued 15,000 San Francisco refugees from the 1906 Earthquake and Fire.

Bernal Heights Earthquake Centennial

Bernal Heights Preservation

Recognition of houses built in a San Francisco neighborhood for the population boom that migrated to the solid rock of Bernal hill after the cataclysmic fire of 1906. Displays and walking tours of the largest remaining collection of refugee shacks in any one SF neighborhood.

Bernal Heights Earthquake Shacks Walking Tour followed by Ice-Cream Social at BH Library

Bernal Heights Preservation, Friends of the San Francisco Public Library, Bernal Heights Branch Library

Guided tour of approximately fifty 1906 homes in Bernal Heights, followed by an ice-cream social at the Bernal Heights library.

Bracing for Disaster

California Academy of Sciences

Public lecture by Stephen Tobriner as part of Earthquake Day at the Academy of Sciences.

Earthquake Authors Night

California Historical Society

Earthquake authors discuss their books. Carl Nolte, "San Francisco Century," David Burkhart, "Earthquake Days in 3-D," Richard Schwartz, "Earthquake Exodus: 1906" and Sisters of Charity, "Steel Frames."

The View from Here: Jack London and the 1906 Earthquake

California Historical Society

Join us for an expert discussion of Jack London as photographer of the 1906 earthquake.

West Marin & North Bay Earthquake Tour Day (Marin & Sonoma Counties)

California Historical Society

In an ongoing effort to commemorate the Great Quake of 1906, CA Historical Society is planning a full day with Gary Holloway as guide on a motor coach driving to West Marin County to visit such earthquake-devastated sites as Bolinas, Olema and Point Reyes Station.

Lecture with Erica Pan: "The Impact of the 1906 Earthquake on Chinatown"

Chinese Historical Society of America

Scholar Erica Pan lectures on: Impact of the 1906 Earthquake on San Francisco Chinatown, and the Struggle...to Rebuild"

When the Earth Speaks: Global Earthquake Signals

Commonwealth Club of California

Public lecture on new understanding of detecting earthquakes via electrical signals generated in deformed rock. Signals may be picked up by satellite and warnings generated in response.

Contra Costa County Historical Society Hosts "Exodus 1906" Author

Conference of California Historical Societies

Richard Schwartz will discuss his book, "Exodus 1906: Berkeley Responds to the San Francisco Refugees."

James Dalessandro, Author and Screenwriter (book talk)

Contra Costa County Library

Since its publication in April, 2004, James Dalessandro's "1906: A Novel," an epic of the great San Francisco earthquake and fire, has fulfilled the prediction of the Chronicle's Heidi Benson and become "a publishing sensation," appearing regularly on Northern California bestseller lists for nine months. Mr. Dalessandro has had a long and distinguished commitment to his adopted home of San Francisco. In addition to discussing his novel, Mr. Dalessandro will share parts of his recently completed 1906 documentary, "The Damndest Finest Ruins."

After the Ruins, 1906-2006: San Francisco's Earthquake and Fire Remembered

Contra Costa County Library, Kensington Library

Kay Payne, from the Docents Council of The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco will give a lecture and slide show including works by the renowned photographer, Arnold Genthe, as well as eyewitness accounts of those who coped with the 1906 catastrophe.

Stereoviewing 1906: 3-D Photography and the '06 Quake.

David Burkhart, author

An evening at the California Historical Society with author/historian David Burkhart. Free admission, free 3-D glasses!

"Earthquake Exodus, 1906" Book Discussion with author Richard Schwartz

El Cerrito Historical Society

Join us for a presentation by Berkeley author-historian Richard Schwartz on his new book, "Earthquake Exodus, 1906."

Getting Ready for the Big One--the 1906 Earthquake Today

ETH Zurich / Swissnex, Swiss Re

An evening discussion, food and drink with earthquake luminaries from Switzerland, the U.S. and Japan on the inevitable big one. Where it will hit, how we can prepare, what to expect and what science is doing now to keep us up-to-date.

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire: Hygienic Catastrophe Averted

Marin County Free Library

The experiences of San Francisco's Chief Sanitary Officer, Lt. Col. George Henry Torney presented by a great-grandson, Richard G. Torney, on the centenary of the 1906 Earthquake.

Hygienic Catastrophy Avered & Ned's Snapshots

Marin History Museum, Moya Library/Ross Historical Society

Public Health and Safety has been researched. A recently rediscovered collection of 75 photos from April 18, 1906, and the days following will be shared.

After the Gold Rush: A 150-Year History of San Francisco's Mechanics' Institute

Mechanics' Institute Library

Self-guided and docent-led tours of the Institute's history in photography. Special photographs and artifacts on the 1906 earthquake and fire.

1906 Earthquake Lecture

Moraga Historical Society

A lecture by author and historian Richard Schwartz on the relief effort in Berkeley and the East Bay after the 1906 Earthquake.

2006 Authors Luncheon Series: Simon Winchester

National Kidney Foundation of Northern California

Simon Winchester, author of "A Crack in the Edge of the World," is the featured speaker at the National Kidney Foundation of Northern California's upcoming Authors Luncheon.

Disaster Then and Now: Ready or Not?

Oakland Museum of California

Discussion between novelist James Dalessandro and journalist Carl Nolte regarding the Bay Area's readiness in case of emergencies.

1906 Earthquake Centennial (slide show & discussion)

Join us for a slide show and discussion of the events of the 1906 Earthquake, subsequent fires and the aftermath.

Earthquakes for Dummies

Free public lecture about what causes earthquakes, how we measure them, what to expect, their relevance to our local scene, helpful hints about what to do about them -- all presented for lay persons with some slides, multimedia and show-and-tell.

Earthquake book reading and signing

Pardee Home Museum

Authors of two books on the 1906 earthquake will read selections from their books in the front parlors of the Pardee Home and sell and sign the books in the dining room afterwards.

Earthquake Speakers Series

Presidio Trust, US Geological Survey

A series of free lectures featuring current science and earthquake history, presented by the Presidio Trust and the US Geological Survey.

Presidio's 1906 Earthquake Commemoration Day

Presidio Trust, National Park Service

Join the Presidio Trust and the National Park Service for a daylong 1906 earthquake commemorative event.

Symposium: Labor's Role in Rebuilding After the 1906 Earthquake

San Francisco Labor Council

Join us for a presentation of the documented role of organized labor in rebuilding after the 1906 earthquake with speakers, slides and videos.

Lecture/Book Signing by "San Francisco Is Burning" Author Dennis Smith

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

Joinn us for a lecture and book signing by Dennis Smith, firefighting historian and author of "San Francisco Is Burning: The Untold Story of the 1906 Earthquake and Fires."

Maritime Heroics in the 1906 Earthquake and Fire

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park rangers relate the compelling story of the largest maritime rescue effort in U.S. history after the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, and the heroic actions of one naval lieutenant and his crew.

Picturing Disaster: The 1906 Earthquake (lecture)

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

In conjunction with our "1906 Earthquake: A Disaster in Pictures" exhibition, Corey Keller, Assistant Curator of Photography presents an overview of the resulting images and concludes with a showing of early films of San Francisco made shortly after the earthquake.

Disasters in Pictures (panel discussion)

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Panelists discuss the images exhibited in the SFMOMA exhibition "1906 Earthquake: A Disaster in Pictures."

We Were There: Voices of the Earthquake and Fire of 1906 Survivors

San Francisco Public Library, Institute for Historical Study

Malcolm E. Barker and Joanne Lafler present first-hand accounts from survivors of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire.

San Francisco is Burning: The Untold Story of the 1906 Earthquake and Fires

San Francisco Public Library

The April 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire was one of the worst urban disasters in American history. But while nature dealt the first blow, the tragedy that followed was mostly man-made. Join us when Dennis Smith, author of "San Francisco is Burning" discusses the 1906 quake and its aftermath.

Rebuilding San Francisco: The Worker's Story

San Francisco Public Library

In the weeks following the 1906 Earthquake, thousands of tradesman converged on San Francisco. Using their hands and simple tools, these men would rebuild the city. After 100 years, we hear their stories in this brand new television documentary in production. To be followed by a panel of workers in the building trades.

Lesbian to the Rescue: Dr. Marie Equi and the 1906 Earthquake Relief

San Francisco Public Library, Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Historical Society

Who was the most prominent lesbian/gay person in the story of the 1906 Earthquake? Portland doctor Marie Equi rushed from Oregon to help the sufferers of the calamity. She supervised nurses at the Presidio Hospital and earned the acclaim of the U.S. Army and the mayor of San Francisco. Equi was later arrested with Margaret Sanger, jailed with women strikers, and sent to San Quentin for opposing World War I. Here is an opportunity to celebrate a Lesbian in our Centennial of the 1906 Earthquake with this one-hour slide preview of "the stormy petrel of the Northwest" by Michael Helquist.

1906 Earthquake and Fire Online Resources (public lecture)

San Francisco Public Library

Please join us for an exploration of websites and databases depicting how the major natural disaster of the 1906 earthquake affected the people and development of San Francisco.

San Francisco History Day - A Benefit for the Sunset Library Campaign

San Francisco Public Library, Friends of the San Francisco Public Library

SFPL, Friends of the SFPL, and Arcadia Publishing present San Francisco History Day. A day-long event featuring many of the authors from the "Images of America Series," slide presentations on local history and ephemera.

Sarah Winchester and the 1906 Earthquake

San Jose Public Library

Local historian and author Mary Jo Ignoffo will speak on Sarah Winchester and the 1906 earthquake.

Earthquake Tour of the Rural Cemetery

Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery Preservation Committee, City of Santa Rosa

Docent-led walking tour of the rural cemetery to commemorate the victims and survivors of the centennial of the 1906 earthquake.

Public Open House: Shake, Bake and Spin: The Aftermath of the 1906 Earthquake And Fire Exhibit

Society of California Pioneers

Free reception and tours of the museum on opening day of "Shake, Bake and Spin" exhibition.

Great Earthquake and Firestorms of 1906: Book Talk

Sonoma County Library, Santa Rosa Central Library

Author Philip Fradkin discusses his book, "The Great Earthquake and Firestorms of 1906: How San Francisco Nearly Destroyed Itself."

1906 - The Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire (author event)

Spellbinding Tales Bookstore

Author event/signing with Darrell Heppner, author of a book of photographs about the 1906 earthquake.

"Earthquake Exodus" - A Talk by Author Richard Schwartz

Spellbinding Tales Bookstore

The book "Earthquake Exodus" details Berkeley's response to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and its refugees. Author Richard Schwartz gives a talk about his book at Spellbinding Tales Bookstore.

USGS Public Lecture Series

U. S. Geological Survey

As part of the ongoing USGS monthly Public Lecture Series that showcases areas of USGS scientific research, the lectures scheduled for March and April 2006 will commemorate the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

U.S. Geological Survey Open House

U. S. Geological Survey

Join us for the 2006 U.S. Geological Survey Open House. Our them is "The Science of Natural Hazards." The USGS facility will be open to the general public for two days and has approx 200 exhibits scheduled.

California's Greatest Fault

U. S. Geological Survey

How historical data from 1906 have shed light on the San Andreas Fault.

Quake '06 Centennial Lecture Series

University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University

This series of lectures covers the historical and social perspectives of the 1906 earthquake, and our present understanding of earthquakes in terms of earth science, earthquake engineering, preparedness and disaster response.

Public Lecture (on the 1906 San Francisco earthquake)

University of California, Santa Cruz, Seismological Society of America and IRIS

The Center for the Study of Imaging and Dynamics of the Earth (CSIDE) at UCSC is sponsoring a public talk by Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology/Seismological Society of America (IRIS/SSA) Distinguished Lecturer Mary Lou Zoback entitled: "The 1906 Earthquake--Lessons Learned, Lessons Forgotten, and Future Directions"

Publications & Books

Please note: The publications in this section are listed as a resource and have not been reviewed by the 1906 Earthquake Centennial Alliance.

In the Fault Zone: How Earthquakes Have Shaped the Bay Area

Bay Nature Magazine

A full-color, 16-page insert examining how earthquakes, including the 1906 event, and plate tectonics have shaped the natural world and landscapes of the Bay Area, to be included in the April-June 2006 issue of Bay Nature magazine.

A Most Dreadful Earthquake: A First-Hand Account of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire...

California Genealogical Society

Author Dorothy Fowler brings together previously unpublished letters from the spring and summer of 1906, vividly presenting one young woman's first-hand account of her experiences in San Francisco. Ms. Fowler creates a veritable genealogical how-to in recounting how the four principal characters in the book were eventually identified.

Raking the Ashes: Genealogical Strategies for Pre-1906 San Francisco Research

California Genealogical Society

This how-to guide tells researchers which San Francisco records survived the 1906 disaster, where they can be found, and how to find alternate sources for records that were destroyed. This work is authored by Nancy Simons Peterson, CG, and published by the California Genealogical Society.

San Francisco Deaths, 1865-1905

California Genealogical Society

This multi-volume project provides a new, comprehensive index to 40 years of San Francisco death records, developed to fill the gaps for researchers because many pre-1905 San Francisco death records were destroyed in April 1906.

Steel Frames: Eyewitness Accounts of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire by the Daughters of Charity

Daughters of Charity, Province of the West, Sisters Margaret Ann Gainey and Estela Morales, author/illustrator

Steel Frames is a coffee-table type book with hard cover and book jacket; 8 1/2 x 11 format; one hundred fifty-two pages; publishing/printing consultant, Hinckle & Sons. Price of Book is $14.95 plus tax and shipping.

Earthquake Days: The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake & Fire in 3-D

David Burkhart, author, California Historical Society, Society of California Pioneers, California State Capitol Museum, Bay Area Booksellers

Winner of the 2006 Benjamin Franklin Award in History and the 2006 Independent Publisher Book Award in History, this unique, full-color "coffee-table" book features over 150 original stereophotographs (3-D viewer included) of the San Francisco Bay Area before, during, and after the 1906 disaster. Also includes firsthand accounts and full-color reproductions of original maps, lithographs, and newspapers.

Publishing San Francisco's 1906 Earthquake and Fire

Douglas Westfall, author/publisher, The Paragon Agency, Publishers

A new book on the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, complete with unpublished photos, materials, and first person accounts. Republish, distribute, and give talks on original publications on the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, one each month for the entire year of 2006.

Fire Station Assessment

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, Northern California Chapter

This Fire Station Assessment seeks to answer questions of Bay Area fire station earthquake preparedness and vulnerabilities by evaluating both the seismic hazards, such as ground shaking, liquefaction, and earthquake-induced landslides, and building vulnerabilities, including structural and non-structural.

Between the Dark and Dawn

Jack Forge, author

A novel of the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire.

1906 -- A NOVEL

James Dalessandro, author, Chronicle Books

Set during the great San Francisco earthquake and fire, the novel is an imaginative interplay between fact and fiction, telling a story of corruption, crime lords, romance, and rescue. By screenwriter and novelist James Dalessandro, published in 2004. Soon to be a major Warner Brothers film.

San Francisco April 18, 1906 - The 100th Anniversary of the Earthquake and Fire

Laura Zieman, author

A full color scrapbook of vintage postcards portraying the damage from the earthquake and subsequent fire, as well as the visual story of the refugees and their survival.

A Moment in Time

Other, 1906 Earthquake

Check out this story in the online Americana Exchange (AE) Monthly publication about two disasters - a continent apart - in New Paltz, New York and San Francisco that occurred on April 18, 1906.

The Great Earthquake and Firestorms of 1906

Philip L. Fradkin, author/consultant, University of California Press

A non-fiction account of the nation's greatest urban disaster written by an environmental historian who lives on the faultline. Maps and photographs.

Earthquake Exodus, 1906

Richard Schwartz, author

"Earthquake Exodus, 1906" is a new book by author-historian RIchard Schwartz on the refugees of the 1906 earthquake who fled to the East Bay and how their lives were saved by the relief effort that was mounted there.

The San Francisco Century: A City Rises from the Ruins of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire

San Francisco Chronicle

Written by Carl Nolte and the staff of the San Francisco Chronicle, this book details the city's miraculous emergence from the devastating earthquake of 1906. The book unveils the fascinating people, history, and culture that have made the past 100 years in San Francisco an extraordinary American adventure.

On the Same Page: All San Francisco Reads

San Francisco Public Library

The April selection for the "On the Same Page: All San Francisco Reads" monthly book club is "A Crack in the Edge of the World: America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906," by Simon Winchester.

WritersCorps presents SOLID GROUND book

San Francisco Public Library, WritersCorps, Aunt Lute Books

New poetry book SOLID GROUND from youth poets based on the quake-related themes of Bedrock, Faultline, Stress, Upheaval, Shock and After; a project of the San Francisco Arts Commission program WritersCorps; book endorsed by Mayor Newsom and James Dalessandro with a foreword by ZZ Packer.

A Crack at the Edge of the World: America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906

Simon Winchester, author, HarperCollins

A new non-fiction book by best-selling author and journalist Simon Winchester, due to be released on 4th October 2005

Living on the Fault: Dealing with Disaster 100 Years After the 1906 Quake

The Daily Californian, UC

The Daily Californian, the independent student media at the University of California, Berkeley, will publish a 12-page full color special issue for the anniversary.

"Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country - Greater Bay Area"

U. S. Geological Survey, ABAG, Am. Red Cross, CA OES, CEA, CGS, DHS/FEMA, EERI, SCEC, SEAONC, SF OES

A 32-page earthquake preparedness pamphlet to be distributed for free throughout the Bay Area. In addition to simple steps for preparedness, pamphlet also explains why we have earthquakes, how they cause damage (shaking, landslides, liquefaction, etc.), how you can find out about the hazards in your neighborhood, and what to expect after a big Bay Area quake.

Finding Faults in SF Bay Area: A Geologic Guidebook to the San Andreas Fault on Public Lands

U. S. Geological Survey

Intended as a lay guide for K-12 teachers, hikers, and anyone curious about how earthquake and faulting shape and influence the landscape.

Guide to Seismic Retrofits on the UC Berkeley Campus

University of California, Berkeley

TV Shows, Films, Music & Radio

San Francisco Earthquake Movies

Balboa Theater

The historic Balboa Theatre in San San Francisco is showing the classic film SAN FRANCISCO as part of our sequel to last year's successful series of movies set/made in The City by the Bay. In addition to this perennial favorite, we're showing 11 films, all new to the series, using many studio archive prints.

"A Most Dreadful Earthquake" Author Is Guest of KGO's John Rothmann

California Genealogical Society, KGO AM810 Radio

Dorothy Fowler, author of "A Most Dreadful Earthquake," is a guest on the radio talk show of John Rothmann. The live interview airs Sunday, April 16, 2006 at 5 am in the San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose listening area of KGO AM810 Radio.

"Damndest, Finest Ruins" film showing

California Historical Society

James Delassandro will be at CA Historical Society the evening of August 3rd (first Thursday) to show his film, "Damndest, Finest Ruins."

'06: The Big One 3-D Stereoscopic Movie

California State Capitol Museum, California State Parks

The State Capitol Museum is creating a stereoscopic 3-D movie to commemorate the centennial of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire.

The City Will Rise (radio documentary)

Creative PR

This 60-minute radio special explores the aftermath of three catastrophic events and focuses on how cities, communities and individuals rebuild after disaster through gripping personal stories told by the people who lived them through these events:

  • The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
  • The Terrorist Attacks of 09-11-01
  • Hurricane Katrina's Devastation of the Gulf Coast

NPR's "Talk of the Nation," Live at the Exploratorium


NPR's "Talk of the Nation" will broadcast a show about earthquakes live from the Exploratorium's McBean Theater.

NPR's "Science Friday," with Ira Flatow, Live at the Exploratorium


On Friday, April 21st, NPR's "Science Friday" program, hosted by Ira Flatow, will broadcast a program about the science of earthquakes live from the Exploratorium's McBean Theater.

The Frisco Quake

Falling Tree Productions, BBC Radio 4

A radio documentary tracing the story and cultural impact of the San Francisco earthquake.

A Practical Guide to Disaster (radio documentary)

KALW Public Radio - 91.7 FM in San Francisco

This public radio documentary is a reflection on the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 and an evaluation of the Bay Area's disaster preparedness then and now.

Seeking 1906

Kate Schermerhorn, Luna Park Productions, KQED Public TV 9

This one-hour documentary is about the making of best-selling author, Simon Winchester's latest book, chronicles the story of the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. Through Simon's journey of discovery, you become privy to the actual workings of the infamous San Andreas Fault and its vast destructive potential.

ABC7 Presents: 1906 - A City Remembers


KGO-TV/DT airs an hour-long prime time special, "ABC7 Presents: 1906 - A City Remembers" on Channel 7. Multiple re-broadcasts are scheduled on Channel 7 and KGO-TV/DT's second digital channel, available on local Comcast channel 194.

"Forum:" Live Public Radio Broadcast on Earthquake Science and Preparedness

KQED Forum

In honor of the centennial anniversary of the 1906 California Earthquake and Fire, Forum looks at the hard science of earthquakes, and examines how California is preparing for the possibility of "the next big one." This is a special two-hour broadcast with a live audience, from the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley.

Echoes from the Past: the 1906 Earthquake (TV / iPod broadcast)

NBC11, Bay Area NBC affiliate

One hour documentary airing on NBC11, NBC11.com, & iTunes

1906 in Film

Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

A special exhibition of silent films made in 1906 or showing early film rendition of the great quake is presented with live piano accompaniment typical of film presentations of that era.

Cartography of Ashes

San Francisco Fire Department, Dolissa Medina (filmmaker)

Cartography of Ashes is a poetic documentary that tells stories from the great firestorm that ravaged San Francisco in the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake.

Earthquake Video Productions

Skyline College

Skyline College's Geology Department is producing a miniseries of educational videos entitled "The San Francisco Earthquake: Yesterday and Tomorrow." It includes four episodes on historic aspects of the 1906 earthquake, fire, reconstruction, and centennial commemoration.

1906 Centennial Music Productions

Skyline College

Earthquake-related music for the 1906 Centennial is being produced by Skyline College. Listen to sample clips here!

Contributions of Structural Engineers to Earthquake Safety

Structural Engineers Association of N. CA (SEAONC)

A series of media initiatives to highlight the contributions of Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC) and structural engineers in general to earthquake safety during the past 100 years in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Taren Sarpienza, organizer - SF Lotta's Fountain, 1906 Earthquake & Fire Commemoration, Alon Aranya

A feature length documentary examining the phenomena of man's triumph over nature. "1906" is a feature length documentary about the 1906 earthquake and fires in San Francisco.

"SHOCK WAVES: 100 Years After the 1906 Earthquake"

U. S. Geological Survey, CBS-5, San Francisco, CEA, DHS/FEMA, EERI-NC

An hour-long TV documentary focusing on the century of progress in understanding the science of earthquakes, increasing public awareness of seismic hazards, earthquake preparedness and mitigation, and demonstrating how earthquakes affect the personal lives, culture, economy and development of northern California.

65 Seconds that Shook the Earth (film series)

University of California, Berkeley, Pacific Film Archive

A four-day series of film programs focused on earthquakes, including archival footage from the Library of Congress and a massive remounting of 1974's disaster epic, EARTHQUAKE.

Web Resources

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Digital Collection

Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley, CA Historical Society, CA State Library, Stanford University, Huntington Library, Society of CA Pioneers

A vivid online presentation of thousands of sharp digital images and detailed text in a striking online exhibit, searchable collections, interactive map showing the destruction the 1906 earthquake and fire caused in San Francisco, and the presentation of a 360-degree panoramic view of the ruined city.

100th Anniversary of the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire (online photo display)

California Views Photo Archives

Online photo display of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire photographs.

Bay Area Living Earthquake Risk Model

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

A Web-based, secure data repository and modeling system to evaluate Bay Area earthquake risks and improve understanding of potential earthquake losses and recovery times.

Bay Area Earthquake Risk Reduction Best Practices Database

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

A user friendly database of best practices for communities seeking to reduce their risk of earthquakes. This Web-based resource makes accessible earthquake risk reduction policies, programs, and funding initiatives, created and implemented by other local Bay Area jurisdictions.

Faultline: Seismic Science at the Epicenter


Drawing on the latest science in the field, the Exploratorium's new Faultline website offers visitors a connection to live online seismic data, audio, video, photos, science basics, and a wealth of other resources for learning about life in a fault zone.

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire (online exhibit)

National Archives Pacific Region-San Francisco

An online National Archives exhibit with point-and-click facsimiles of selected historic National Archives Pacific Region-San Francisco documents, containing accounts of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire by major Federal "First Responders" and others.

Whispers Series (a photographic exploration)

The Whispers Series is a photographic exploration of 1906 San Francisco earthquake architectural survivors.

The Ground Views of SF Earthquake by George R. Lawrence (online photo exhibit)

Witness and celebrate the photography of George R. Lawrence in this online exhibit.

1906 San Francisco Panorama Photo History Project

Research Applications, Inc.

Online documentation of a San Francisco earthquake panorama photograph.

San Francisco 1906 Earthquake Marriage Project

San Francisco Genealogy

Among the ruins of the 1906 earthquake disaster, couples married quickly as romances fostered in refugee camps and among those fleeing the area. Was it for economic or psychological reasons or convenience? Join our online exploration of this unique social and psychological response to the 1906 disaster.

Celebrating Earthquake Safety

Structural Engineers Association of N. CA (SEAONC)

The Structural Engineers of Northern California (SEAONC) has launched a website and media campaign to highlight the contributions of Bay Area Structural Engineers to earthquake safety. As part of this campaign, the association created a special website (www.CelebratingEQSafety.com) that provides the public and the media with useful tips on the history of earthquake engineering and its professionals who design and strengthen homes and offices, schools, churches, and other structures to resist earthquakes and save lives.

Workshops & Conferences

ASCE's '06 Centennial Presentation to High Schools and Middle Schools

American Society of Civil Engineers

An approximately 40-minute interactive presentation discussing and demonstrating the historical significance of the 1906 earthquake and the earthquake's effect on infrastructure and buildings, other hazards addressed by civil engineers in designing new and retrofit structures, improvements to building and infrastructure safety over the last 100 years, and the role that inviduals can play in damage prevention and emergency preparedness. A "presentation kit" and presenters from the civil engineering field are available for a 6th through 12th grade audience.

Managing Risk Through Public Policy in Earthquake Country

Association of Bay Area Governments

A major public policy conference held in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference.

2006 California Science Education Conference

California Science Teachers Association

The CSTA hosts its 2006 California Science Education Conference in San Francisco for K-12 science educators, and includes a variety of workshops and speakers focusing on the seismology of California and the 1906 earthquake centennial.

Forum on Catastrophe Preparedness: Partnering to Protect Workplaces

Commission on Health & Safety & Workers Compensation, Dept. of Industrial Relations, RAND, UC-Berkeley

Recognizing that employers and workers should be prepared if a catastrophe strikes at the workplace, the Commission is holding a public education forum devoted to workplace safety during terrorism attacks and natural disasters.

Quake '06: Reducing Earthquake Risk

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

A campaign to reduce earthquake risk in the Bay Area by the 100th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake.

100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference: Managing Risk in Earthquake Country

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, Seismological Society of America, CA Office of Emergency Services

This international conference celebrates a century of accomplishments in earth science, earthquake engineering and emergency management, while aiming to advance practices, technologies, and policy.

The Forestville Emergency Preparedness Event

Forestville Joyful Living Center

TOGETHER WE PREPARE - The Sonoma County Emergency Preparedness Event needs you!

Disaster Preparedness Training (Free)

Neighborhood Emergency Response Team Training (NERT)

NERT is offering a free comprehensive disaster preparedness training session. Taught by San Francisco Firefighters, this class covers personal preparedness mitigation and response to earthquakes and other disasters.

Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) City-Wide Earthquake Training Exercise

San Francisco Fire Department, Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT)

The San Francisco Fire Department will hold its annual city-wide NERT training exercise. NERT-trained volunteers will have the opportunity to practice the skills from their training in this event.

California on Shaky Ground: A Short Course

U.C. Berkeley, Museum of Paleontology, California Science Teachers Assn, California Academy of Sciences

This 2-day 2006 UCMP Short Course focuses on the Bay Area's seismic history and advances in earthquake science in commemoration of the 1906 Earthquake Centennial.

Shockwave Centennial

University of California, Berkeley

A training exercise simulating the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake on the San Andreas Fault.