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Walking Tour of UC Berkeley Campus Retrofit Projects

University of California, Berkeley

Although UC Berkeley was spared major damage from the 1906 earthquake, it had a significant impact on the campus community, including the establishment of refugee camps on the campus and the dispatch of University cadets to help maintain order in San Francisco. Professor Andrew Lawson chaired the State Earthquake Investigation Commission that produced the first comprehensive government-comissioned report on an earthquake.

Given the many ties between the 1906 earthquake and fire and the University, many UC Berkeley units are beginning to coordinate plans for centennial activities. Centennial plans include the creation of a digital archive of 1906 materials by the Bancroft Library, the establishment of an annual public lecture series by the Seismological Laboratory, efforts to highlight the campus retrofit projects by the Capital Projects and the Department of Architecture, a symposium on the economic/policy aspects/impacts of the disaster sponsored by the Haas School of Business, and exhibits in various campus locations. In addition, the Seismological Laboratory will co-host the annual meeting of the Seismological Society of America with the USGS in April 2006.

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Most events will take place between Sept 2005 and Sept 2006.


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