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San Francisco Deaths, 1865-1905

California Genealogical Society

This enormous project draws together data from various sources throughout the forty-year period 1865 to 1905. It is nearing completion; the final segment is being processed now and the complete collection is expected to be wrapped up in a comprehensive, integrated database to be published by the California Genealogical Society in a multi-volume work in 2006.

The society has two segments of the data available for sale now: SAN FRANCISCO DEATHS 1865-69 (14,000 records, 240 pages, $25), and SAN FRANCISCO DEATHS 1902-1904 (27,000 records, 420 pages, $35). This work integrates surviving city records with reliable secondary records, such as newspaper obituaries, and provides an easily searchable database.

Compiled by Barbara Ross Close et al, and published by the California Genealogical Society.

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Available now for purchase on our website.


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After 100 years without, this project will make an easily accessible and more nearly complete pre-1906 record of SF deaths.


General public. Genealogists/historians.


Barbara Close, (510) 663-1358

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