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Kite Aerial Photography: 1906 Centennial/George Lawrence Traveling Exhibit

Drachen Foundation

Just three weeks after the 1906 Earthquake, professional photographer George Lawrence snapped his famous photograph, “San Francisco in Ruins,” from a 49-pound camera raised 2,000 feet above the bay with a train of Conyne kites. To honor George Lawrence's feat, as well as celebrate the advancements made in earthquake study and awareness, the Drachen Foundation will build a traveling exhibit featuring Lawrence's photography and illuminating his KAP method. In addition, the exhibit will feature the photography of KAPer Scott Haefner's re-interpretation of San Francisco 100 years after the earthquake and George Lawrence's photographs, as well as exploring the scientific significance of using modern KAP technique in studying hazardous fault lines.

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March-April 2006


San Francisco and Bay Area, California


The project honors 1906 Earthquake photographer and his aerial photography method 100 years later.


As an exhibition, it will draw public museum visitors

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Ali Fujino, (206) 282-4349

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