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Force of Nature

Sonoma County Museum

Force of Nature is a Centennial exhibition to commemorate the largest natural disaster ever to happen in Sonoma County. This exhibition features the human stories of the 1906 quake, along with the art and science that visually reveal natureís fury. Geologic information that can dramatically rupture our presumptions of stability will be presented through interactive artworks, scientific data maps and instruments, including a seismograph, geophone, and oscilloscope on loan from the Geology Department of Sonoma State University. Works designed and crafted by artists include digitally compressed stratigraphic images of the San Franciscan formation, and a city seismic symphony and walking tour of the Rodgerís Creek Fault near downtown Santa Rosa. These works will provide an immersive context, including sights and sounds, to educate us about earthquakes.

Documenting this natural disaster from the Museumís permanent collection will be photographs, oral histories, artifacts, and ephemera. Large-scale photographs of the devastation will provide a sense of what the destruction was really like. Tales of the quake will reveal tragedy and heroism on a human level. The exhibition will also address Santa Rosaís recovery, which was marked by the unflagging optimism of the courageous community leaders who helped transform a ruinous tragedy into an opportunity for the City to create itself anew for the twentieth century.

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Saturday, April 22 through Sunday, July 9 (2006)


Sonoma County Museum


Santa Rosa was the hardest hit in the 1906 Earthquake in terms of the earth shaking. Over 100 people died.


Sonoma County residents of all ages


Tricia Watts, (707) 579-1500, ext 16

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