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Publishing San Francisco's 1906 Earthquake and Fire

Douglas Westfall, author/publisher, The Paragon Agency, Publishers

Books, Talks, Events.

Primary Publication -- Two Weeks in San Francisco, the 1906 Earthquake and Fire. An 8x11 book of 200 pages, produced in Softbound, Hardbound, Black & White & Full Color. Released in April, 2006; Talks given monthly at book stores, businesses,and schools. Chapters published weekly in a local newspaper.

Secondary Publications -- One republished each month for the year of 2006:

January: Recollections of the Fire by James W. Byrne Book

February: San Francisco is No More by Antoine Borel, Jr. Book

March: Story of The Earthquake and Fire by Wilbur Gleason Zeigler Book

April: The Call=Chronicle=Examiner of Thursday April 19, 1906 Newspaper

May: The New San Francisco Magazine of May 1906 Magazine

June: Sunset Magazine of June 1906 Magazine

July: The New San Francisco Magazine of July 1906 Magazine

August: The Doomed City by Frank Thompson Searight Book

September: San Francisco Directory of 1903 Book

October: History of the Earthquake and Fire by Frank W. Aitken Book

November: The New York Times of Thursday April 19, 1906 Newspaper

December: Sunset Magazine of April 1907 Magazine

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Three books have been released:

March 15, 2006 --
Recollections of the Fire 1-891030-61-2
San Francisco Is No More 1-891030-62-0
The Story of the Great Disaster 1-891030-63-9

April 15, 2006 --
Two Weeks In San Francisco 1-891030-75-2

These books will be available in May:
San Francisco Magazine (May '06) 1-891030-65-5
Sunset Magazine (June '06) 1-891030-66-3
San Francisco Magazine (July '06) 1-891030-67-1


Palace Hotel - Tuesday April 18th, 6:00am
The Marina Shop - Thursday April 20th, 12:00 noon
Shreve & Co. - Thursday April 20th, 3:00pm


Vicinity of Market Street, Union Square, the Marina, and the Presidio


The focus of the project is on the resurrection of the city of San Francisco. All published materials, lectures, and book signings, will take place during 2006 and all are the subject of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire. 120 sets of books are being donated to the San Francisco Unified School District.


Residents and visitors of San Francisco; school age through adul


Douglas Westfall, Publisher, (714) 771-0652

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