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1906 San Francisco Panorama Photo History Project

Research Applications, Inc.

An original 60-inch-long panorama photograph of San Francisco, taken shortly after the 1906 earthquake, was digitally restored and placed online at mirror-pole.com. Prominent features in the photograph, and the cancelled checks surrounding the photograph from The California Insurance Company, are annotated with links to more information. Teachers and students are invited to select something on the photograph for their own individual or class history project with an emphasis on how the earthquake affected the lives of the people they are documenting. These projects can be sent to mirror-pole.com where they will be placed on appropriate web pages with full credit to the authors and institutions.

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Visit the project on at http://mirror-pole.com/sfeq/entry/sf_entry.html




Recovery from large catastrophic events requires government, private institutions, and individuals to work together. This project highlights the role of one insurance company and how it contributed to help individuals rebuild San Francisco.


Teachers and Students plus the general public.


Greg Clark, (480) 961-4046

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