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The Hayward Fault Exposed! An Interpretive Viewing and Educational Exhibit

U. S. Geological Survey, City of Fremont, Risk Management Solutions, Swiss Reinsurance


See for yourself what an earthquake fault looks like below ground!


Update: The exhibit is now closed, but a permanent exhibit is a possibility. More information »

The exhibit gives you the opportunity to descend a staircase 14 feet and see the Hayward Fault at eye-level. There are also many poster displays providing information on earthquake science and preparedness.

3D clay model of the trench layout

3D model of the trench part of the Exhibit. The excavation is ~14 feet deep and surrounded by an educational exhibit area.

If one prefers not to go down stairs into the trench, the fault can also be viewed from ground level. The exhibit is wheelchair accessible around the top of the trench.

Surrounding the trench are educational displays providing information about earthquakes, faults, and preparedness. The American Red Cross, BART, Association of Bay Area Governments, California Geological Survey, the U.S. Geological Survey, and many other organizations have material on display. A docent is present to answer questions when open.


The trench site is located in Fremont, CA.

map showing location of the exhibit

Map to the Exhibit. Click on image for a larger version.

Many thanks!

The exhibit was developed and operated by volunteers from the U S Geological Survey, Geomatrix Consultants, and other members of the 1906 Centennial Alliance. We thank Risk Management Solutions and Swiss Re for their generous sponsorship and the City of Fremont for allowing the exhibit to be in Central Park.

For more info on Bay Area earthquakes and their probability of occurring, check out the 2003 USGS probability report.

More information »


Weekends 10am-3pm on a drop-by basis; weekdays-by-appointment (for group tours) beginning in August. Please stand-by for more information.


The 1906 San Francisco earthquake was the result of the San Andreas fault breaking. For this exhibit, the Hayward fault was chosen to emphasize that the 1906 quake was not the only damaging earthquake in the history of the Bay Area. In 1868, a large earthquake occurred along the Hayward fault, causing significant damage in San Francisco as well as the East Bay. It was referred to as The Great San Francisco Earthquake until the 1906 earthquake put it into perspective. The 2003 USGS probability report (see above) lists the Hayward fault, and its continuation to the north, the Rodgers Creek fault, as the most hazardous fault system in the Bay Area. Future large earthquakes along the Hayward fault will have devastating effects because of the great concentration of homes, schools, hospitals, roads and other critical structures along and across the fault.


Anyone and everyone interested in Bay Area earthquakes!


Heidi Stenner, (650) 329-4801

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