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Don't Be Fooled, Be Prepared

California Academy of Sciences, Red Cross, USGS, SFFD, OES

Why do we have earthquakes in the Bay Area? And what should you do before, during, and after the next big quake? Learn about this and more during the Academy's Earthquake Day on Saturday April 1. In addition to scheduled programs, representatives from the following institutions will visit the museum to intereact with Academy vistors: The American Red Cross, Us. Geological Service, SF Fire Department, and the Office of Emergency Services


SF Fire Department "Open Truck" 1pm - 4pm
Quake Rattle and Roll puppet show 11:30/3:00
Don't Be a Fool, Be Prepared SFFD 1 pm
Bracing for Disaster lecture 2 pm
It's Our Fault! 4pm Geologists recognize different types of faults across California. In this hands-on activity, children and adults can make a fault model and learn how different faults move the earth with Academy geology education Dr. Carol Tang


California Academy of Sciences


Pat Kilduff, (415) 321-8125

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