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Bay Area Living Earthquake Risk Model

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

Develop a framework and pilot project(s) for an Web-based, secure data repository and modeling system for evaluating earthquake risk for entire communities and improving understanding of potential earthquake losses and recovery times. The modeling tool also will be used to evaluate the effects of risk management decisions/approaches on future losses and recovery.

Intended users of the tool include emergency managers, engineers, scientists, financial/insurance professionals, planners and building officials, and others interested in evaluating and communicating earthquake risk, promoting risk reduction, prioritizing mitigation, and implementing mitigation programs.

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Tentatively: April 2006


Online, Web-based model


Modeling tool will be used to characterize current earthquake risks, and as a tool for planning and evaulating risk reduction approaches.


Public and private sector professionals

Volunteer Opportunities

lots - from design of model to inventorying communities to web page design


Keith Knudsen, (415) 904-5529

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