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Ask a Scientist - Celebrating Our Faults: 1906 - 2006

Ask a Scientist

One century ago, our beautiful city experienced a monumental shakedown--one that still looms in the psyches of San Franciscans whose grandparents weren't even born yet at the time.

Come celebrate the centennial anniversary of the infamous 1906 earthquake, Ask a Scientist-style, with David Schwartz of the USGS. A pioneer in the newly developing fields of earthquake geology and paleoseismology (the study of prehistorical seismic events), he'll tell us everything we ever wanted to know about our terra not-so-firma. Also try Temblor Trivia to test your seismic smarts!

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Monday, April 17, 2006 at 7 pm


The Canvas Gallery
1200 9th Ave (@ Lincoln)
San Francisco, CA 94112


This is a special earthquake centennial event


General public of all ages--scientific or not. Free event.


Juliana Gallin, (415) 751-5376

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