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Historical Landmark for 1906 San Andreas Fault Rupture

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Consortium of Universities for Research Earthquake Eng. (CUREE)

Because of its historical significance, the rupture of the San Andreas Fault in 1906 meets California Historical Landmark criteria, and the San Francisco Water Department has cooperated in identifyiing an overlook site with existing parking where such a monument can be placed. Technical assistance has been provided by USGS (Dr. Carol Prentice) and Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering (Bob Reitherman) to ensure historical/scientific accuracy. In addition, a nearby interpretative display complete with maps will be installed.


To be arranged, fall, 2006. Will be connected with school field trips on the opening day.


Near Crystal Springs Road and Highway 35, near Crystal Springs Dam, San Mateo County.


The monument directly commemorates the geological origins of the 1906 disaster. Once listed as a state historic landmark, it permanently enters that California list, and the monument is permanent, and thus this will have "staying power" over the years.


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Robert Reitherman, 510-665-3529

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