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Lotta's Opera by Epiphany Productions

San Francisco Arts Commission

Lotta's Opera is a series of acts about the historic events in downtown San Francisco during and following the 1906 earthquake. The performance begins at Lotta's Fountain, a gift to San Francisco by Lotta Crabtree, a comedienne of the 19th Century. A performer in the role of Lotta will act as the performance's historical guide. The audience will initially gather around Lotta's Fountain, as San Francisco residents did after the 1906 earthquake to get news of survivors.

Eight dancers will then lead the audience to the nearby site of the Hearst Building, to pay homage to the three influential newspapers that flourished in this area known then as Cape Horn. Moving towards the Palace Hotel for the next act, the dancers' choreography will be inspired by the chaos of people dashing towards the ferries over the piles of rubble on Market Street on April 18th.

At the Palace Hotel a singer will re-enact Enrico Caruso singing an aria from Carmen at the hotel following the second tremor of the 1906 earthquake. Following the song, the dancers will perform a bucket dance, with buckets and water, illuminating the events related to the fire that consumed Market Street on April 18th.

The final act of Lotta's Opera will transport the audience forward in time to Christmas Eve, 1910 at One Post Plaza, to celebrate the historic outdoor concert that took place that night around Lotta's Fountain to reward the citizens of San Francisco for rebuilding their city. At this concert, Luisa Tetrazzini performed for a crowd of 250,000. A trained operatic performer will play the role of Luisa and deliver the piece's final act in song.

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Saturday, May 6, 2006 - Sunday, May 7, 2006
Performance times on both dates: 11:30 am and 1:30 pm


Meet at Lotta's Fountain prior to the performance time:
Lotta's Fountain
Corner of Market, Geary, and Kearny Streets
San Francisco, CA 94108


The six acts of dance, theatre and song that comprise Lotta's Opera's one-block journey beginning at Lotta's Fountain and ending at One Post Plaza, are all are inspired by historic events associated with the 1906 earthquake, the fire, and the celebration of the rebuilding of San Francisco. (See Description of Event above.)


General public. Free event.


Judy Moran, (415) 252-2586

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