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Cartography of Ashes

San Francisco Fire Department, Dolissa Medina (filmmaker)

"Cartography of Ashes," a 45-minute poetic documentary from San Francisco filmmaker Dolissa Medina, combines oral history, folklore, journalism, and experimental storytelling to recount tales from the firestorm that destroyed San Francisco in the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake.

Created with the cooperation of the San Francisco Fire Department, the film features stories from the firestorm narrated by Bay Area firefighters, who reflect on the legacy of the disaster on modern-day San Francisco. Information on disaster preparedness is also part of the program.

Significant for its documentation of a historical moment (100 years after the quake in the wake of the New Orleans disaster) "Cartography of Ashes" is also noteworthy to film history because it is one of the last films to document San Francisco on Kodak Kodachrome Super-8 film.

Throughout the Centennial year, the filmmaker will make "Cartography of Ashes" available for free to community groups interested in local history and disaster preparedness.

Completed in April 2006 for the 100th anniversary of the disaster, Cartography had its world premiere on April 21, 2006, at an outdoor screening on the wall of a fire station in the Mission District.

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Next Screening: Friday, August 4 @ 7 pm Oakland Museum of California

The filmmaker is offering free screenings to community groups. Visit the www.ashes06.org to book a date for your organization.


Oak and 10th Streets in Oakland, one block from the Lake Merritt BART.


This art commemorates the legacy of 1906, honors San Francisco's firefighters, and celebrates San Francisco's resiliency and urban continuity.


General public.

Volunteer Opportunities

Tax-deductible donations are being accepted to turn the film into a DVD for the educational and home markets.


Ashes '06

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