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Shake-N-Bake: Comedian-Led Walking Tour

FOOT! Walking Tours

FOOT! Fun Walking Tours will be offering a free comedian-led walking tour on April 18. This mini-tour will be full of fun and games, questions and answers, and plenty of Valuable Imaginary Prizes. The tour will begin after the morning ceremonies have ended and will last about 60 minutes.

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April 18, 2006 at approx. 5:45 am, after Lotta's Fountain Centennial Celebration.


Meet after the Centennial Celebration at:
Lotta's Fountain
Market & Kearny Streets
San Francisco, CA


FOOT! uses humor and interactive games to celebrate the history of the City. This tour, SHAKE-N-BAKE: The Heartbreak of the Great 'Quake, will focus on both the geological and human stories of April 18, 1906.


History fans, SF aficionados, humor lovers

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Robert Mac, (415) 793-5378

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