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Echoes from the Past: the 1906 Earthquake (TV / iPod broadcast)

NBC11, Bay Area NBC affiliate

An early dawn disaster transforms a region. Individuals find their lives turned upside down. A young doctor charges into the streets with his fatherís pistol and immediately hijacks a carriage to go aid the wounded. A fill-in General makes a command decision so controversial it will be argued over for decades. Theirs are just two of the stories told in "Echoes from the Past: the 1906" earthquake. The NBC11 documentary airs on television and online.

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iTunes podcasts begin April 10, 2006
Television broadcast is Tuesday, April 18, 2006.


Channel NBC11-San Jose/ San Francisco/ Oakland, NBC11.com & iTunes


The documentary explores life in the Bay Area immediately following the 1906 disaster.


Bay Area residents


Meredith Smith, 408-432-4318

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