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Skyline College

Original songs related to the '06 Centennial and San Andreas fault system and plate boundary will be produced and recorded for the public access television series "Down to Earth" and other possible uses for the commemoration.

New recordings of period music, both instrumental and with vocal accompaniment, will also be produced for the "Down to Earth" series. This music will be available for a variety of applications for informing the public about the significance of the 1906 commemoration.

Listen to sample clips:

Music produced by Mel Zucker

Song title Time Size Notes
Ballad of the San Andreas 01'50 2.5 MB A lively folk song about plate tectonics and the San Andreas fault
Centennial Blues 03'30 3.2 MB Acoustic blues story of the '06 quake and fire
Comin' Back to You 01'59 2.3 MB An original contemporary San Francisco bay area geology song
Epicenter 03'12 3.9 MB A country classic about the magnitude and intensity of the 1906 quake
Greenstones 02'45 2.5 MB 60s rock tribute to San Francisco bay area rocks, subduction, and metamorphism
San Andreas Shanty 02'03 1.9 MB A lively old style tune about knowledge gained since 1906
The Hayward Fault is Creeping 02'28 3.0 MB A swinging rockabilly tale about the Hayward Fault
The Wide Plate Boundary 01'43 1.6 MB Pensive tale of the San Andreas fault landscape

Music produced by Richard Lambert

Song title Time Size Notes
Everybody Loves San Francisco 03'12 3.1 MB A musical overview that paints a lyrical picture of the city before the great earthquake and fire
Mother, Mother, Mother Pin A Rose On Me 03'03 2.8 MB As sung in the Tivoli Theater production of "Miss Timidity" in the week prior to the 1906 earthquake
Micaela's Aria from the opera "Carmen" as recalled by Bessie Abott 01'03 1.0 MB Miss Abott, who sang with Caruso in "Carmen", described her reaction to the events of April 18th in operatic terms
The Burning Of Frisco Town 03'10 2.9 MB A classic example of a typical period piece written just after the fire
Hot Time In Old Town Tonight 00'45 716 KB An impromptu modification of a popular tune of the era as sung in the refugee camps
The Earthquake Came At Dawn 02'27 2.3 MB Originally titled "Death Comes At Dawn", the song was modified to soften the image of the destruction
San Francisco, Our Beloved, Arise! 02'04 1.9 MB A plaintive call for the recovery and rebuilding of the city
Back To Market Street 02'39 2.6 MB A positive note on the return to normalcy in 1907, and a blatant advertisement for the reopened Emporium Department Store
The 1915 Fair 02'36 2.5 MB A celebration of San Francisco's rebirth as one of the great cities of the world as it hosted the Panama Pacific Exposition

Music arranged and performed by Lisa Sanchez.

Centennial Music Productions underwritten by QuakeHold!

Note: Express written permission from Prof. Mel Zucker, Skyline College is required for any commercial use or reproduction of these copyrighted songs.


July 2005 - April 2006


Public access television and classrooms and/or special events


IIlustrates geological and historical aspects of the '06 events and era.


General public

Volunteer Opportunities

Provide archival music for recording; provide "B-roll" video footage; provide editing of video materials in Avid or Final Cut Pro systems


Mel Zucker, (650) 738-4223

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